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What is a Digital Legacy? Learn more...


What is an online memorial?
Imagine a place where you can honor and preserve your loved one's legacy by bringing together pictures, video, music, stories, and other treasured memories. Then imagine inviting friends and family to share in the same. A place no one has to travel to visit and that never closes. A place not to mourn but to honor a life worth remembering.

This is what we imagined when we created that place and called it

Why are people creating online memorials?
Honestly? We believe that people create online memorials because now they can create them. Traditionally, the only tangible option was an obituary - grossly overpriced and allowing for little more than basic biographical information and perhaps one photo. It appears once in print and then is gone forever.

An online memorial, on the other hand, endures - offering a unique opportunity for people to memorialize their loved ones and invite family and friends around the globe to view and contribute to the memorial. Treasured memories are preserved and the honored life of your loved one is kept alive for future generations. And at a fraction of the cost of an obituary.

What does a completed memorial look like?
There are so many ways you can customized your loved one's memorial (features list) that no two memorials look exactly the same. See example memorial.

Does it take a long time to create a memorial?
An Honored Life allows you to create a memorial with very few materials to start and takes just minutes. After the initial set-up, you and your invited guests continue to contribute more and more over time .The more time you and your invited guests spend adding rich details and imagery to your loved one's memorial, the more complete and meaningful their legacy becomes.

Who can view the memorial site I create?
You decide who can view the memorial. You have the option of making the memorial public or private. Public memorials are viewable by everyone while private memorials can only be viewed by those people you specifically invite through the memorial's Email Center.

Will my memorial show up on Google search results? Should I have privacy concerns?
If you choose to make the memorial public, it most probably will show up in the search results on search engines. If you do not want this to happen, you simply need to mark the memorial as private in the settings (which you can change at any time).

Can my family and friends contribute to the memorial?
Absolutely! This is truly one of the most meaningful aspects of an online memorial. Our site provides a mechanism for you to invite family and friends to visit the memorial.When you invite them to share in remembering and celebrating the life of your loved one, you also select who can add photos, audio files, video, and stories to the memorial and who will be restricted. You have the option of changing an invitee's permissions at any time.

Can I remove a memorial I have created?
You can unpublish the memorial at any time. When a memorial is unpublished, it no longer shows up in's search results and no one but you can view the memorial. Invited guests who have permission to add content will still be able to add new content as well as edit materials they have already contributed. You can re-publish the memorial whenever you wish. If you wanted to delete the memorial in its entirety from, just email our Support Team

How can I prevent people from leaving unkind tributes?
There are two safeguards in place:

  1. You have the ability to restrict those you do not invite personally from posting messages on your loved one's Memorial Wall.
  2. You have the ability to delete any post made to the Memorial Wall that you deem inappropriate.

What is the cost of an online memorial?
There are currently two options: a one-year renewable subscription for $29 and a one-time subscription for $99.

We also offer discounts for multiple memorials. Contact our Support Team for more information.

Why is there a cost? I have seen other sites that don't charge.
Free sites are usually funded by advertising. We feel strongly that most people would prefer not to see their loved one's memorial plastered with ads. charges a nominal fee to cover operational costs - most importantly, our wonderful customer support folks. Our broader team is also at work designing new themes and developing new features and functionality for our site owners (like you, we hope!). If you have a great idea for a memorial feature you would like us to consider - we'd love to hear about it .

I am on the fence. Should I do this?
We understand. If you are unsure, we invite you to create a memorial and take advantage of the 14-day free trial period.

I don't know if I can do this on my own!
While we believe our site is very easy to use - creating a memorial is a perfect project to do together with family and friends. In addition, we sincerely want the memorial(s) you create to be as robust as possible. To that end, we send regular emails with tips, how-tos, and ideas - and we also post the same to our blog. And finally, if you have questions while creating a memorial, you can email our Support Team

I think is a great idea and know others who would be interested in creating memorials. Do you offer any sort of referral program?
Glad you asked. We have several partnership programs that might interest you. Please visit Partner With Us to learn more.

What if I have more questions?
No problem! Just email our Support Team. We will respond to your email within 48 hours (and usually a lot sooner).

What is a Living Honor?
Unlike traditional memorials, a Living Honor is designed to provide a way for someone to have a say in how they want to be remembered. The Living Honor can be a tool for the person or for friends and family to work with their loved one in both choosing what media to put on to the site but also to create new media ‐ audio files, video, photographs ‐ specifically for telling others about them and key parts of their lives.

Below are some examples of how the Living Honor has been used:

  • Record audio and video of the person commenting on their wedding and vacation videos and on pictures posted in the STORIES section recounting those experiences and how they were special to them.
  • Audio/video about very special events in their lives that they feel is important for others to hear about. E.g. Experiences related to military/police/fire service, awards, public appearances, and special events.
  • Through audio and video files introduce themselves personally to future generations. These future generations are then able to “meet and hear from” loved ones they never had the honor of meeting.
  • Record nursery rhythms or words of wisdom directed specifically at future generations so they can “connect” on a more meaningful level with their ancestors and would-be-mentors

It is important to note that Living Honors not available to the general public on and are only available to guests invited by the site owner using the Email Center.

How do I convert the Living Honor to a traditional memorial when the person passes?
When someone with a Living Honor passes, it can be converted into an online memorial by simply unchecking the “Create a LIVING Honor?” checkbox in the “About Your Loved One” section of the Memorial Site setup. The site owner will then have the option of keeping the memorial private or converting it to PUBLIC in the VISIBILTY section at the bottom of “About Your Loved One” section of the Memorial Site setup.

And of course there is no additional charge to do so.