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Memorial Features

Easy-to-Use Interface
Easily add and edit text, photos, and videos; select and change themes; and more.

Personalized URL
Use your loved one's full name or nickname or whatever you choose...


Professionally Designed Themes list of themes
Personalize your loved one's memorial with a professionally designed theme. We add new themes regularly and welcome suggestions for theme subjects.

Upload photos from your computer and/or import them from Facebook.

Photo Albums
Create themed photo albums around a wedding or graduation, family reunion, and so on.

Generate slideshows of your photos and photo albums.

Stories preview

Create unlimited stories around key events in your loved one's life like the wedding (or weddings), vacations, graduation, and so on - and add event-specific images, video, and audio.

Life Highlights
Highlight meaningful things about your loved one's life including family members, military service, hobbies, awards, and the like.

A Few of Their Favorite Things,,,
Create personalized fields to highlight your loved one's favorite things - from favorite food and color to favorite song and mountain peak. Whatever favorites you wish. Or none at all if you don't want to tell.

Video & Audio
Embed videos and upload audio/music files.

Memorial Wall preview

Memorial Wall allows family and friends to leave personal messages, notes of condolence, memorable anecdotes, quotes, and so on.

Email Center
Easily accessible from your My Account page, the Email Center allows you to:

  1. Invite family and friends to the memorial - allowing them to add photos, video, audio files, and stories
  2. Email family and friends on your loved one's birthday and the anniversary of their passing

Ability to make the memorial public or private.

Email Notification
Get notified by email (daily or weekly) when family and friends contribute/share content on the memorial.

Page View Count
Ongoing count of the number of times pages within the memorial are viewed by visitors.


We saved the best for last...

No Advertising!

We sincerely want the memorial(s) you create to be as robust as possible. To that end, we send regular emails with tips, how-to's, and ideas - and we also post the same to our blog

If you have a great idea for a memorial feature you would like us to consider - we'd love to hear about it.