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What is a Digital Legacy? Learn more...

Digital Legacies

We know of no one, including ourselves, who hasn't lost someone special and lamented not having taken more photos or recorded more video or asked "who is this person in the photo?" or "when was it taken?" or "where was it taken?" - and written it down. We don't want that to happen to you when someone you love passes away or to those you love if something should happen to you.

We encourage you to take advantage of what you can do now that you couldn't do or haven't done before. And to not wait - don't take tomorrow for granted. We don't want anyone to be in a position of regret over what they didn't do before someone special passes.

Thinking ahead and planning for your or someone else's digital legacy is not morbid. Like preparing a will, it's just practical - especially in today's digital world. We strongly believe that planning for a digital legacy can be a stimulating and rewarding ongoing experience - and it's a gift to yourself, your family, and future generations.

So what is a digital legacy? In our vernacular, a digital legacy is your wealth of digital assets.* And we aren't just referring to Facebook or the My Pictures folder on your computer.

We cannot even begin to cover everything here. This is just to get you thinking. Our blog will have many posts describing ways to make the most of your and others' digital legacy. Some of the topics we will be covering in the blog, and that you should start thinking about, include:


  • In General
    • Take More: Get rid of duplicates and those out-of-focus or otherwise unusable (or the volume can just become overwhelming).
    • Identify: Who are the people in these pictures? Where was it taken and when?

    • Scattered photos we need to gather, organize, identify, and caption.
    • Caption & Date: - Don't rely on your memory...record it all.
    • Gather: Who in your circle of family and friends has photos that you don't - perhaps ones you don't even know exist and have never seen? Get copies.
    • Organize: Categorize and organize older images as you identify, caption, and date them - and regularly organize new photos to keep up.
  • How to digitize and preserve older printed images?
  • Where do you or your loved ones store images online?
    • Usernames/Passwords?*

Recording (audio and video)

  • Songs/Music
    • What is his/her favorite song or songs?
    • What is "their song"?
    • What song was the first they danced to as husband and wife?
    • What songs are meaningful to them and why?
  • Recording Yourself and Others - Let Future Generations Hear What You Have to Say
    • Stories...get an oral history...ask them
      • How they met their spouse?
      • What was the best day ever?
      • General conversation
    • More recording at events - candid questions
      (everyone thinks about candid photos) Cute baby wearing oversized headphones.
  • Record Messages
    • For future generations that you/they will never meet
    • For key people in your life (the digitized version of the letter people often write)

Okay, that's enough for now. Hopefully this has stimulated some ideas - and we invite you to subscribe to our blog to get ongoing ideas, tips, and more to craft incredible digital legacies for yourself and for your loved ones.

* There is a lot of buzz in the news about digital legacies - most it relating to legislation. Here a digital legacy is being defined as your wealth of digital assets that can be transferred to someone else upon your death. This is fine and is actually something supports and will blog about to keep you updated. You don't want others not to have access to your accounts (investments, social media, photo storage, and so on) should something unexpected happen to you.