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About Us

When we lose someone we love, family and friends gather together, sometimes from far and wide, to mourn - to comfort and support one another during a time of deep sadness and heartfelt sense of loss. After the traditional services and ceremonies, we go back to our homes, our lives, and a strange and wonderful thing happens. Over time, those initial sharp feelings of sadness and loss can start to ease. A transformation of sorts occurs as we shift our focus from mourning our loved one’s death to celebrating his or her life. We think and talk about our loved ones more easily, fondly remembering all of the ways they made a lasting and meaningful impression on our own lives.

What an amazing time this would be for everyone to be together again - to honor and celebrate the lives of those we have loved and lost. Although that isn’t always possible because our family and friends are no longer physically together, we can still bring everyone back together, again and again, virtually, at

We offer a platform for people anywhere in the world to virtually regroup and participate in the ongoing sharing and preserving of treasured memories.

When designing the site, we kept a few key objectives top of mind:

  1. Make it easy to use (even for us low-tech people)
  2. Make it about honoring a life, not about mourning a death
  3. Make it a place where people would be proud to have their loved one's legacy preserved and viewed
  4. Make it affordable for everyone

We hope you honor us by choosing AnHonoredLife as the place to honor your loved one.

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